The Popped crew discuss one of the most memorable Vampire films of all time, The Lost Boys. It’s a recounting of memories this film and it’s iconic performances gave to a generation who were to be completely taken with a new type of vampire; younger, sleeker, sexier, and much more deadly. 

Segments include: Introduction, Main Discussion, “I could have done without that”  where we talk about a moment in the film that was unnecesary or didn’t make sense to us, “I know that Dude” where we focus on Grandpa played by “Barnard Hughes”, Lost Boys trivia and our outro.

So, sit back, bolt the doors and don’t invite us in, or we may take you on a journey into the world of “The Lost Boys”

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“Serenade” by Charles Gounod, Performed by Anneliese Von Koenig

“You Are Always With Me”: by Daddy_s_Music

“Turkish March music” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Performed by Jawad AliKhan

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