In this the season finale episode, Daniel, Ben and Tanya are joined by guest host Susan Wilde (Daniel’s mother) to talk about the remaining 12 films that were not discussed in the previous two episodes. Universal Studious bought the rights to Sherlock Holmes from the Doyle Estate and moved Holmes and Watson into the era of the Nazi’s. These films were all made in the 1940’s and the content reflects the time. 

The hosts discuss their favorites of these films and their least favorites. Important discussion points include, the rules of choosing a favorite film, what a “dog” constitutes, how to pronounce Moriarty, the Jeopardy theme music, copious amounts of Rum & Coke when pre-viewing films for the show, attention pants, The Monty Python Penis Song, and much much more. 

A new segment called “I know that guy!” where we focus on a particular actor from the series and bring them to light, so to speak is introduced to the podcast. 

Sit back,  fill your pipe, scratch on your infernal fiddle, and listen to the latest episode of Popped!

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