Daniel, Ben and Tanya discuss the seminal Sci-Fi horror Classic “Aliens” 1986, Directed by James Cameron. This successful sequel film followed the lone survivor of the Nostromo Ripley, played by the extremely talented Sigourney Weaver. 
The gang talk about how the ensemble crew lead to a palatable storyline and the dramatic tension was ramped to extreme levels by the story pacing, ambience, and uniqueness of the aliens themselves. 

Join us as we take a drop ship into Hadley’s Hope to find out what happened to the settlers on LV-426 but you’d better hang on “were in for some chop”. It could get rough but if we can survive it, we’ll be “in the pipe, five by five.”


Spooky Funk (Popped Theme) Citation Needed

Spaceship Journal Alien Invasion by the Fealdo Project

Through Alien Worlds by Dream Protocol

Cinematic Dramatic by AleXZavesa

Fun Disco
by Musictown

Dark Beat
by QubeSounds

Voice Overs
Glenn Thayer
& Tyler Collier

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