Daniel, Ben and Tanya clock in to review the 1999 box office flop yet CULT cable/video hit classic Office Space written and directed by Mick Judge (Beavis and Butthead, Idiocracy).

Their Guest Hosts join them from the Australian based Yum Yum Podcast (YumYum5, YumYumTrek), a show where Daniel and Tanya preciously guested to discuss Babylon 5. Rachel and Ryan bring their unique insights to the office desk and discuss the parallels of American and Australian corporate realities, how Office Space’s corporate ennui metaphorically works for any job you hate. They also talk about their favorite characters, quotes, moments, elements of the film that didn’t resonate with them and the virtues of the American Dining experience.
Will Rachel and Ryan be able to express themselves? Show off their flair and break free from a black & white rating system of their own design?

Don your thirty-seven pieces of flair … fifteen is the minimum …  grab your coffee cup, and get ready for a consultant to grill you to find out just what it is that you DO at your job.

okay? … yeah …


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