Daniel, Ben, and Tanya hop aboard the Razor Crest and go bounty hunting with their new friend, The Mandalorian.
Who are we kidding, they are probably all bounties captured by the Mandalorian!

Follow along as they recall the first season of this groundbreaking Star Wars series.

They will give a brief episode by episode synopsis recalling what made the Mandalorian “POP” for them. They will discuss how they feel this series fits into their own personal views of what Star Wars is and should be. Along the way they will talk about casting, directing, story, comparisons to likely influences, the groundbreaking visual effects and then will rate the first season like they do all of the show they watch.

So, hang on as the Razor Crest maneuvers to outrun Bounty Hunters trying to get hold of the child. It might be a bumpy ride!


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Popped Theme: Spooky-Funk-Instrumental (Royalty Free Artist Unknown needs credit)

Background Music: 

Intro B/G: Desert Raid by I Am Fowler 
Episode B/G:  Lost by DanyDory
Let’s get Poppin’:  Fun Disco by Musictown

Voice Over Narration by Glenn Thayer