Daniel, Ben and Tanya explore the themes, stories and characters of Season 2 of the Disney+ megahit, The Mandalorian. They do a brief episodic analysis highlighting the moments that popped for them and whether or not they feel the momentum carried over from the first season. 

Joining them on the Sound Table are friends and listeners of Popped: Victor, Robin and Matt.
Each gives their own unique feelings and insights on what the Mandalorian has done for them with regard to the Star Wars Universe. 

You won’t want to miss the fun as we break into the frog ladies eggs and indulge our culinary appetites on this tasty episode of Popped!


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Intro B/G: Stomp by Amaski

Discussion Background Lost by danydory

Everything Feels New by EvgenyBardyyuzha

 Let’s get Poppin’:  Fun Disco by Musictown

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Voice Over Narration by Glenn Thayer