Daniel, Ben, and Tanya take a trip through time to find true love when they revisit the 1980 classic film, Somewhere in Time.
Learn how Daniel double-whammies both Ben AND Tanya by hitting them with a film that features two of their most disliked story concepts; Romance and Time Travel.

Follow along as they recount this magical film with its splendid and one-of-a-kind cast that features cinema greats Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, and Christopher Plummer. Find out why this 42 year old film is worth re-watching.

Joining our hosts for a special guest interview is INSITE President and Editor Jo Addie. She has an intimate knowledge of this film and was involved in the production. She became great friends with both Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour and has many lovely stories to share. Her group, along with the Grand Hotel hot a Somewhere in Time themed weekend at the Hotel on Mackinac Island (pronounced Mack-IH-NAW). 

Grab some coins, your favorite pocket watch and a suit that is ten to fifteen years out of date and come back with us to 1912 … “See ya around Arthur”

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