Daniel, Ben and Tanya explore the landmark 1990’s series Babylon 5. The first Science Fiction Series to use 100% CGI instead of models, a series that was consistently under-budget and revolutionized modern storytelling. We discuss what made Babylon 5 great without spoilers in preparation for the next episode where we will do a deep dive into the plot, themes, arcs, and storylines that made Babylon 5 the admired and respected series that it is. 

In this episode. the crew are joined by the Wonderful, Insightful and musically gifted Julie Caitlin Brown who since playing the Diplomatic Attaché to the Narn, Na’Toth, has become a CEO for Illumina Productions, a triathlete and multi album recording artist. She shares her journey with JMS and the cast of Babylon 5 as well as her physical, and cognitive healing process through difficult times that have shaped her unique perspective on health, life and mental acuity.  

Sit back, turn down the lights, and try not to spill your drink as you listen to the latest episode of Popped!


Written, performed and produced by Daniel Hendrix and Ben Wilson. 
Voice over introductions by Glenn Thayer. 

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