Our intrepid podcasters venture into the frozen North, following a clan of Vikings and an Arab who are called upon to help a Nordic King under siege from an unknown enemy. A mix of the epic tale “Beowolf” and the historical account of Ahmad Ibn Fahdlan, the 13th warrior has it all. Adventure, danger, story, action, humor … yet, despite having Antonio Banderas as its leading man, it flopped upon release and is considered one of the biggest movie flops of its time. 

We re-examine the film and discuss it’s qualities and whether it deserves the criticism it received. Segments this episode are:
Intro, Discussion, I coulda done without that (Where we discuss something that didn’t work for us in the film), Academy of Popped (new segment where we award best and worst actors of the film), Yeah, I know that dude (where we focus on a particular actor from the film), Trivia, and Let’s Get to Poppin’ (Where we rate the film with “Pops”), and our outro.

Grab your sword and board and get ready for a great discussion as we sail on a long boat over the rough seas to the north and discuss 1999’s the 13th Warrior.



Awards Ceremony Nomination – Heroic Adventure Epic Cinematic

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