Daniel, Ben, and Tanya kick off Season 3 by travelling back in time to the year 2019 to discuss the 1982 Science Fiction thriller Cult Classic Blade Runner and it’s impact on cinematic history as well as the landmark performances, visuals, music, and feel of this classic masterpiece.
They talk about the important moments in the film, the ambience, music, existential dilemmas, anachronistic future tech, and the performance that took this film from good to magnificent. 

Get ready for an empathy test, relax and “just don’t talk” … 


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Popped Theme: Spooky-Funk-Instrumental (Royalty Free Artist Unknown needs credit)

Background Music:

By Segment

Intro B/G: 

Spooky Funk “Popped Theme” by needs Citation

Segue Background:
Dark Beat by Qube Sounds


Runner Corp by DST Technician

Blade Runners Harmony by Andy De Rue

Let’s Get to Poppin!:

Fun Disco by Musictown


Everything Feels New by Evgeny Bardhyuza

Voice Over

by Glenn Thayer